Vince Cataldo ‘Stingray’ Timber carving


Sinuous and sensual, these stingrays are a true masterpiece. From the graceful lines of their wings, to the delicate tail, they have to seen to be appreciated. At just over 30cm in length, they aren’t particularity large, but they are incredibly beautiful and carved with great skill and finesse.

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Vince Cataldo


Timber carving

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 5 cm

2 Replies to “Vince Cataldo ‘Stingray’ Timber carving”

  1. Hi really interested in purchasing your timber stingray art. Do you do commissions?

    Rebecca Davies says:
    1. Hi Rebecca,
      I’ve just only now come across your message. I do apologise. If you are still interested in the beautiful Vince Cataldo Stingray sculptures, please email me on and I’ll send you more information.
      Kind regards,

      Sue Tilley says:

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