Denise Axelsen ‘Toilet Tissue Holder’ Forged Steel


This black rustic handmade wall mounted toilet roll holder needs two black screws to fix it to the wall.

It’s a little bit quirky and a little bit fun and different from the usual toilet roll holders you can buy. It will make a great gift for the new home owner or someone doing renovations in their own home.

It is totally hand made or hand forged as I say using traditional blacksmithing skills of fire, anvil and hammer in my workshop in the tropics of Townsville, QLD, Australia.

I’ve also stamped in my Makers mark so in one hundred years someone will still be able to know who made it !

It measures 19 – 22 centimetres from top to bottom and 8 centimetres from the wall to hold toilet rolls. It has been clear coated with three layers of acrylic spray paint to prevent rusting.

Each toilet roll holder is made individually so does vary slightly each time. This also means if you would like a holder slightly taller or smaller I can make it to suit.

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Denise Axelsen

‘Toilet Tissue Holder’

Forged Steel

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