Linda Bates

Linda Bates is originally from Ingham, but now lives in historical Herberton, on the Atherton Tablelands. Despite the commute, she is one of our most popular artists and has been since we opened the gallery in 2015. Linda teaches classes at The Drill Hall Studio every month, and they are always a hit! Her whimsical and cute pottery sculptures bring great joy to our customers and staff alike.

In her words ‘

‘You will find Cadaghi Pottery somewhere in the middle of insatiable curiosity, imagination and whimsy – supported by a tonne of clay.  The birds and animals of our beautiful country provide endless ideas for sculpture, as well as ideas from a rampant imagination developed during quite a lot of years as a kindy teacher.  Teaching others to create with clay gives me great joy, as well as the opportunity to refine my own practice as I work out just why I do things in a certain way.’’


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  1. Hi Linda, we were wondering when your next pottery class will be in Cardwell. Also, do you intend conducting another bead-making class there?
    regards, Judy C.

    Anonymous says:
    1. Hi Judy,
      The Drill Hall Studio only manages Linda’s workshops in Townsville, but here is Linda’s direct email address. If she isn’t planning Cardwell workshops soon, why not make a weekend of it, and pop down to Townsville to come to her workshops at The Drill Hall?

      Sue Tilley says:

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