Steve Coleman & Sabine Carter ‘Jodi and the Turtle” Children’s picture book


Jodi and the Turtle is a wonderfully illustrated hard cover book for those who love the beaches and tropical reefs of northern Australia … and especially for those who love turtles.

It is a fast-moving and colourful tale of Jodi’s unusual encounter with a great sea turtle and the magical adventure of wonder and discovery that follows. Join Jodi as she explores the familiar reef flats that she loves and the not-so-familiar depths beyond, in the company of a wise and mysterious companion-guide.

Suitable for reading age 8 years and above. “Jodi” works just as well read aloud to a younger audience.


Steve spent his first years on a pineapple farm in the bush on Magnetic Island in tropical North Queensland, Australia. As with many other children in the neighbourhood at the time, (no electricity, no phone, no town water) Steve’s childhood play-ground consisted of rocks, trees, the seasonal creeks, the beach, shallow reef flats, good Magnetic Island earth and an alive imagination. From this earthy background, came Steve’s passion for the bush.  In fact, for much of his professional career, which now spans decades, he has shared his accumulated knowledge and passion with thousands of children, young adults and countless other outdoor adventure seekers.

Steve graduated as a teacher from the Townsville Teachers’ College (now James Cook University) in 1971.  His experience since, spans some early years in secondary education, teaching mathematics and science in Queensland and New Zealand classrooms; through a switch in the nineteen-eighties to teaching in the great aussie outdoors, to  recent years where he has set up and run a personal growth and education business based in North Queensland. Sharing the richness and inspiration of that experience through creating quality literature for young readers is a vital part of that business.

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Steve Coleman & Sabine Carter

‘Jodi and the Turtle”

Locally written and illustrated children’s book

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