Isabelle Gair-Hemsley

Isabelle joins her two loves – art and nature – together to form one, producing paintings and 3D sculptures with soul, beauty, and flamboyant colour.  She is also a big advocate for cleaning up the environment, so likes to use some recycled items in her artwork. Through these mediums Isabelle hopes she can inform and educate communities about the care and conservation of our environment, birds and wildlife-and have fun in the process! 

Illustration and fine-art are Isabelle’s forte using watercolours and gouache, although she also likes to ‘play’ and experiment with acrylics or oils, while also adding texture or relief to give dimension.  Isabelle’s work has also evolved over time from painting on canvases with texture to creating detailed, ‘real’ looking 3D sculptures of Australian tropical birds.  Her subjects include… curious curlews, majestic looking Rifle-Birds, beautiful Blue Winged Kookaburra’s, delicate Sunbirds with chicks on their nests, plus large brightly coloured Cassowaries. Recently she has been adding a another fun element to her repertoire by creating quirky and quaint 3D puppy-dogs, full of character and fun – from adorable googly-eyed Dalmatians to enchanting cheeky Chihuahua’s !