Giaan Chow

Creativity and fashion was always part of Giaan’s life growing up, starting with an obsession in drawing princesses and goddesses wearing pretty dresses.
Giaan arrived in Townsville to a new life in late 2015 with her husband. As a fresh graduate from her fashion degree and having undergone several internships in Melbourne, Giaan was eager to start something new and exciting and of her own. After two years as a full time seamstress, Giaan’s Dressmakers was founded in 2017. She primarily focuses on providing excellence in tailoring, dressmaking and clothing alteration.

Sewing is a dying art in many first world countries, including Australia. Giaan aims to help keep the art of sewing alive through teaching.

Giaan is passionate about unique Australian fashion culture, the topic of her research thesis. The Drill Hall is a second home to many local artists and is where Giaan finds her inspiration, support, love and a sense of belonging. Through her workshops at The Drill Hall this young and enthusiastic soul loves to share her knowledge and further develop her fashion career.