Cath Meharry

Worked as an art teacher for 40 years. When she retired, she was head of art at St Margaret Mary’s College in Townsville.  Cath is a master in mixed media work, infusing her work with life and texture through the use of collage, paint , drawing and layering.  She continues to enjoy sharing her skills through art classes and workshops, but now with the luxury of having the time to pursue her own work. She can often be seen working at the Drill Hall – either in the attic studio, or the sculpture garden.
Cath prefers to capture small “cameos” or “details” of her surroundings, instead of the “Big” picture – the close up details of the beauty of forest floor litter or lush tropical flowers and folliage, or colourful seed pods. Cath works at The Drill hall on Thursdays.