Carole Howlett


Carole joined the Drill Hall Studio as a resident artist in early 2021, but Townsville art lovers will be familiar with both Carole and her work … She gained her BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art in the UK, but has lived in Townsville since 1996 where she continued to pursue her passion for Art and has won a few awards along the way. Carole teaches painting and drawing at the Drill hall.

‘I find my painting and drawing go hand in hand, even though they are poles apart in style and technique. Their finished results differ greatly but much of the thought process behind them is similar.
When painting I find myself stripping back the unwanted detail and grasping hold of what I find important. I tend to adjust to a semi abstract style to represent a subject. Trusting my first impression and how objects relate to what’s around them. Trying to portray their vibe with an immediate reaction.
My approach to drawing something follows the same path regarding my initial response but feels way more disciplined and ordered in construction .As with my painting, I absorb what I can from my first impression but then represent it in a more controlled manner.
I have always felt that my drawing skills improve my painting ability. There is a strong link between the two. I am just trying to keep them balanced….wish me luck!…’