Alison Velvin


Alison Velvin is a largely self-taught glass artist using lampwork techniques and has been practising for over 25 years in Townsville.  She make earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.  Alison believes she was destined to work with glass,  as it is her DNA; Alison’s grandmother encouraged my passion and left me her glass collection.

‘Lampwork is a relatively obscure art that is not blown but is built up by layering glass that allows me to create tiny worlds within a glass bead.  People often ask me “how did you get those tiny animals and flowers inside the glass”.

I studied chemistry and zoology, which is reflected in the fact that I use chemical reactions to produce certain effects.  The colours in the jewellery come from metal salts.  Glass melts at 1200 degrees and dyes could not survive this temperature.  Much of my fascination with glass has been to adapt the qualities of glass to produce ever more intricate pieces.  The essential tools are specialized torch, propane gas, oxygen, a variety of household items, as well as a well developed sense of humour.

I produce pieces that are based on my life experiences and my love of art.  Many pieces have marine themes as I have a love of the sea.  I also create pieces that take inspiration from the works of the great artists.  I believe that my jewellery will bring a smile to your face’.