Cracked COVID –

For the last few months our lives have been turned upside down, with COVID19 spreading across the globe and taking lives and freedom in its course. Everywhere we see images of people wearing masks – should we wear masks? Yes, no, can we even find any in the stores? It is a frightening time and while we are spending our days in isolation, and practicing ‘social distancing’ our media is full of alarming images and statistics. Yet among the darkness we’ve seen some amazing human ingenuity, wonderful kindness and bravery, and that gives us hope.

Inspired by that ingenuity and creativity, and to add a bit of fun to ‘iso’ we threw out the CRACKED COVID challenge to our community … we invited them to be part of our ‘Cracked COVID’ face mask exhibition. This exhibition is on-line initially, then will be the re-launch exhibition when the gallery reopens after the COVID19 crisis is over.

We’ve all seen the innovative , creative, desperate and sometimes bizarre masks that people have been photographed wearing across the world during this Pandemic. We invited our participants to turn something basic into beautiful, function into fantastic, essential into extraordinary.

The brief.
Was to create a wearable face mask in any medium. It need not be medically effective, just able to be worn. The stipulation was to create from what they had on hand – NO shopping for supplies! The aim of the project was to occupy their isolating (shelter at home is a much better term) time in a positive, creative and fun way. Here are the results …


Brett Condon
‘Post Covid Patty’


Gillian Condon
‘Plague Glam’
Sue Page
Sonia Ward
‘Essential Lip Service’


Caleb Bilson & Tanya Geyser
‘Underwater COVID
escape kit’


Noah Bilson and Tanya Geyser
‘Post Apocalyptic Covid fighter suit’


Alana Saini
‘One more hug’

Calico hand dyed with tea leaves, rubber bands polyfill and marker

Jennifer Marks
‘Covid 19 Lockdown Lifesaver- Nature Face’
Cardboard and nature bits

Artist statement: During this Lock down I have been fortunate enough to be able to continue my daily exercise walks of between 5 and 10  kilometres around my North Ward Neighbourhood including The Strand and Jezzine Barracks.  I love being out in the fresh air and nature,  all materials used have been collected on these walks.

Jennifer Marks
‘Techno face’
Cardboard, Acrylic paint

Artist statement: At the beginning of the Lock down I purchased an Ipad.  I had never used or owned one before, it has kept me occupied for many hours just learning to use it.  With it I have found new ways of communicating with friends and family, keeping up to date with news and events, reading E – books, exploring virtual Art Galleries, playing games and a host of other activities.  Still have lots to learn though.  Materials used I Pad Box.

Jenny Siganto
‘Social Distancing-NO TOUCHY’
Recycled plastics and anything I could find in the shed
Sharon Marks
‘You know you got it’
Tie dye and accessories


Sharon Marks
‘Tie Dye Simplicity’


Sharon Marks
‘Trippy Owl’


Sharon Marks
‘Island of feathers’
Janne Bogomiagkova‎

Artist Statement:  Yes! I’m a hoarder!! Mask inspired by Frida Kahlo without the monkey and parrots .. Base is furr-buddy Soniq’s cat neck-brace Vet surgeon used after dental surgery some time ago!! ouch!! Roses & Red Hosier, black Lace & Trims from pre-loved frock, Mirrors represent ‘Chi’ energy to ward off the COVID-19 Virus .. and create good energies!!! all round for all .. there’s still a little tweeking to go before real Eshibition!! eg addition air-tube from carpart! and a Cuban Cigar!!
haha! note: lengthy hand gloves for extra protection!

Agnes Templeton
‘Victorian era COVID19 mask.’
Annette Sibson
‘TP Eyes’

Note the Loo roll eyes!

Heather Cantamessa
‘Stepping out in Rose Coloured Glasses’