Edward O’Brien Indivdual Bowls Strand Ephemera 2019

Edward O’Brien is an established potter and experienced teacher. He lives in a little coastal community within the Bowling Green Bay National Park, in the Townsville region.

These bowls were part of a striking installation ‘Coral Bleaching’ by O’Brien and fellow potter Leela Chakravarti for Strand Ephemera 2019. You can now purchase them individually, or in sets.

Edward O’Brien and Leela Chakravarti’s work represents the beauty and ongoing tragedy of coral on our Great Barrier Reef through installation. Hundreds of ceramic bowls covering the sand will represent individual coral polyps that make up one large coral colony. Each bowl will be glazed in the elusive copper red glaze that requires a carefully controlled kiln atmosphere. The bowls or “coral polyps” will be arranged side-by-side, nestled into the sand, in an impressive gradation of deep deepest reds through to translucency, representing the gradual bleaching of a coral colony. On closer inspection are a myriad of other colours; blues, greens and lavenders. … Read More >Edward O’Brien Indivdual Bowls Strand Ephemera 2019